Beyond analytics

Farcast improves the quality of your show with deep analytics. Gain insight on where your audience is, when they listen to your show and what their native language is. Podcasters who encourage their listeners to use the free Farcast.FM app will benefit even more. Not only will their listeners enjoy a far better experience, podcasters will now know the following of their audience:

GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION. You can find out exactly where your listeners are located. And detailed analytics will show you listener density for each region.

PRIMARY LANGUAGE. Each listener that uses Farcast.FM will have chosen a primary language. You will know what the primary language of your listener base is.

DEVICE TYPE. Farcast listeners can choose to use a browser to find and play your show or can use Farcast.FM from an Android or iOS device, We include in our reporting a precise breakdown for you so that you know what your listeners' preferred way of listening to your show is. This can help you to tailor your show accordingly.

SHOW POPULARITY. You can not only know how many downloads each of your shows and respective episodes has but you will know exactly how many unique listeners you actually have and how popular your show is relative to others.

LISTENER ATTENTION. Farcast.FM tracks not only what shows and episodes listeners selected but also which portions of those episodes they fast-forwarded past or played more than once, This gives you deeper insight into what is actually resonating with your audience.

OPINIONS AND FEEDBACK. Listeners provide ratings of each episode they listen to. But more than that, they are able to easily send messages to you - the podcaster - and to share comments with other listeners that you can review at any time. You get much deeper understanding of what your listeners are thinking. 

PODCASTER AND EPISODE RATINGS. After listening to any episode, listeners can provide a rating for that episode. But they can also rate their favorite podcasters as well. This allows us to help other listeners find your show based on the listeners' appreciation of it as opposed to solely basing recommendations for them on the size of podcasters' listener bases. 

DISCOVERY. With our twofold approach to podcasting - the universal directory and Farcast.FM, listeners can find you using either the FM app or a browser. And we track exactly what search criteria they entered in order to do so. We include this history in our reports so that you know what's working and what's not.


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