You are already on farcast

Because the Farcast directory has already pulled in podcasts from other podcast directories, we likely already have your show in our directory and apps. All you need to do is sign up for a free Farcast account and let us know which shows belong to you. That's it. Once you have an account you can automatically receive analytics about your shows on a weekly basis. Or you can choose to sign in with your account regularly and engage more closely with your audience using some of the unique social features we offer.  

Keep listening

Your listeners are already using Farcast. The app is already available for both Android and iOS. Your listeners may already be discussing your shows. With a Farcast account you'll hear what they're saying and get great insight into your audience. You can receive weekly reports about who, where, and when your audience is listening to your shows.

    Start Talking

    One of the best  features of Farcast.FM is how listeners can reach out to you directly right inside the app. Listeners want to interact with you personally. Now you can build stronger community by interacting with the people. Your podcast can be a telephone not just a megaphone.