The best network for podcasters

Farcast is a revolutionary podcasting platform in 30 languages and dozens of countries. We help podcasters learn about their audience, interact with them, and gain valuable insights, enabling them to continually improve their shows.


Non-Farcast podcast audiences listen silently and alone. Farcast brings listeners together and gives each a voice. At Farcast, your listeners will come for your show, but stay for the community. Using the Farcast.FM app listeners can reach out directly to you and can share their thoughts and opinions. And listeners can chime in and discuss your podcast with one another long after you've produced it. Your shows will feel like a live experience.



Farcast improves the quality of your show with deep analytics. Gain insight on where your audience is, when they listen to your show and what their native language is. Podcasters who encourage their listeners to use the free Farcast.FM app will benefit even more. Not only will their listeners enjoy a far better experience, podcasters will now know more about their audience than ever before.



All you need to do is sign up for a free Farcast account and let us know which shows belong to you. That's it. If you wish you can then log into your account and begin seeing great new analytics about your audience. Claim your podcast now.