A better directory... by far

A podcast directory is an organized collection of shows, podcasters, episodes etc. The problem with all directories, until Farcast, has been that they don't work together. A mobile app requires a directory to find and play podcasts. However, these apps often don't include podcasts from competing device platforms.

other directories

A great podcast that can be easily found from an Apple device usually can not be found from an Android device. Although Apple has created an extensive podcast directory, the largest listener base uses Android and doesn't benefit from Apple's directory. As well, there is no good web search or web player for podcasts. Apps and Directories have been fragmented.

Farcast's directory

Farcast has pulled in podcasts from all over the world including the Apple and Google directories. The Farcast.FM directory is now the largest podcast directory in the world which provides the best search results and discoverability. Find more podcasts than ever before based on interests, regions, or languages.