The only podcast app you need

Farcast uses a universal directory that has pulled in podcasts from all over the world. Whether using or the Farcast.FM app, you can find and listen to podcasts in 30 different languages. Farcast.FM connects listeners to more podcasters in more languages than any other network and the experience is now interactive.

Bigger Network

30+ LANGUAGES. You can set your app to specific language or search podcasts of a specific language.

eg. You may choose to use Farcast.FM in english but wish to search for podcasts spoken in spanish – easy on Farcast.FM.

CROSS-PLATFORM. Regardless of the smart phone, computer, or tablet being used our Universal podcast directory is the source. This means you are able to search, discover, and listen to the same podcasts on any device.

AGGREGATED DIRECTORY. Farcast is an aggregator of device agnostic podcasts. We have pulled in podcasts from all over the world. We have produced an app available on Apple and Google devices which share the same unified directory. 

Find more podcasts than ever before based on interests, regions, or languages.

Better Experience

RECOMMENDATIONS. The Farcast.FM app tracks your listening preferences so that you will receive the best, most accurate recommendations for other podcast content that is possible.

THE BEST SEARCH. Our search capabilities allow you to perform searches across worldwide content - both premium content and public domain content, all with incredible accuracy.

EASY TO USE. Our app is easy to use. And by creating a free account on the Farcast network, your profile settings will follow you between your devices - iPad, iPhone, Android devices, etc - so that your experience is consistent and your preferences always remembered

AD-FREE. Farcast places an emphasis on podcasts, not ads, which means the podcaster should earn money on what you are there to actually listen to. If a podcaster chooses to mention their sponsors or include relevant ads in their shows, you can still skip them. Either way, you are in control.

FEEDBACK. Podcasters want to hear from you. Applauding during an episode lets your podcaster know what you enjoy, helping them to create better even shows.

INTERACTIVE. Our app offers listeners the ability to post comments to the podcast creator. But more than that, you can read and post comments during any episode so that you are interacting with other listeners of the same shows. Yes, other listeners may have listened to the show earlier, but their comments will appear at the same time in the show that they posted them so that you can truly interact with them as though the content you're listening to is live and streaming